The Problem We Solve
Game changing ideas/Innovations are never urgent in nature: they are something to be implemented in the long run. Sometimes You can spend one year talking about an innovative idea and nothing happens.

Initially, you need lots of time to conceptualize, plan and build your idea. Also sourcing the right talent or company to help bring your idea to light can be daunting. This process could end up being a time and money waster.
We are a global group of experienced entrepreneurs, founders, engineers, designers, marketing, sales, finance, business development analyst, and more with versed knowledge across several categories. We collectively brainstorm and conceptualize series of solutions to best bring your dream ideas, product, or service to market.

Our online collaboration team with accessibility to anyone in the world is the best in class.

We believe building an idea is more than just creating mobile applications or websites that look good. We translate your idea into a scalable technology solution following a successful proven process. Using Snipeet virtual step-by-step guidance software We design sales and marketing systems, Explore various go-to-market strategies, learn who your target audience is then market to them.

We’ll help you with every tool you need to reach your full potential.

Why choose Snipeet consultation
Snipeet Virtual consultation features
Customers can easily connect to live video call sessions by an appointment system.

Whether you or your team want one-on-one or one-to-many live consultancy sessions, Snipeet has you covered.

Easy for Customers
Get responds within 24hrs
Suitable for any type of business
With your login access control capabilities, the Snipeet admin panel enables you to manage all the content and communication.
Admin Panel
All in one solution allows you to manage all business flow and operation
Easy management
You can easily ask questions and share files via this service
Message based communication
Customers who only want to make voice and online calls can initiate this via the platform.
Online Voice Conversation
Customers can leave comments and vote for their experience.
Free Consultation
We always start with 15 mins free consultation, where you’ll discuss your idea in detail. We will provide advice, approximate pricing, and give recommendations on how to get things off the ground.
Talent you can trust
Every individual on the Snipeet team has gone through a rigorous vetting process. We personally speak to every applicant to verify their identity, check references, and ensure they have the proven experience to drive your business forward.
Share your ideas with Snipeet team of critical thinkers who can help you discover and develop solutions fast and effectively
Or you can Contact us to ask questions about service
What’s challenging you?
Learn how to solve problems quickly.
Entrepreneurs Relentlessly seeking opportunities to initiate actions on new ideas
My ideas never seem to take off
Feeling confused and frustrated about an idea, product, or concept and don’t know what to do?
Sick of your 9-5? Why not explore that idea you have been holding on to?
Stuck in your current business and don’t know what to do next?
I am struggling to help my clients focus
Technology is changing too fast, I don’t know what to do
My clients are no longer buying my products
I’m finding being creative difficult, I need help from like-minded innovators for a brainstorming session.
How to use
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Step 3
Schedule consultation
Choose a subscription that best suits you.
We recommend premier + find out why?

Tell us about your idea, product, or service

Tell us what time works best to have a meeting

Once we receive all your details. Confirmation details are sent to your email to create a Snipeet account

Snipeet finds talents that can help
Our team of experts gathers data about your idea, product, or service prior to the meeting

If for any reason your information wasn’t clear enough. Someone from the Snipeet team will reach out via phone call for clarity.

Meeting reminder is sent

A confirmation message is sent on how to set up your consultation. If you have issues setting up, you can leave a message on the Snipeet chat for assistance

Finding the right talent with skillset and experience to best bring your idea to market is our priority
Show up and Snipeet team takes you on a 1:1 guidance
We usually have 3-4 talents per consultation which comprise of Business analyst, lead designer, Senior engineer, and product manager/moderator to all share light on your idea, product, or service

All our diverse talents are amazing. We use a very informal approach like you are having a conversation with a close friend.

We listen to you share your idea in detail

So, there is No surprise or waste of time, scopes and structure of meeting is sent to your Snipeet inbox prior
Snipeet talents collectively take you on a step by step guidance of your idea, product, or service using Screen sharing technology

Your undivided attention is needed to grasp all the information you are about to receive. You don’t have to take notes. Snipeet Consultation session is recorded and converted to text format for later perusing,

Customers are thanked for reaching out. After Consultation, all communications are forwarded directly to your Snipeet inbox.

You think of It, We build It
When conceptualizing a new idea, it is essential to direct the thinking to specific features and search for answers to certain questions to help evolve the idea from the initial thought through the various stages of innovation.

Conceptualization is a phase, a process…it takes time. It's not a series of instant decisions to be made in a meeting one afternoon. It's a steady process of testing ideas, analyzing the target audience, and understanding the community ecosystem.

Steve Jobs did not just create sleek devices but conceptualized an ecosystem that included iOS, carrier, and music label partnerships, iTunes, and App Store. The expanding ecosystem is the reason behind the success of Apple. Successful innovators focus on conceptualizing their idea to succeed.
The power of conceptualization is evident in Apple
We have mastered the art of transforming clients’ business ideas into reliable software products, with a focus on the right business model to speedy monetization.
Snipeet helps visualize a useful and innovative product design pathway, we invest the care to understand your product. We then seek to refine and understand your target audience as deeply as possible through design thinking. We Know what is required to achieve the desired end goal that positively engages consumer's emotions and works seamlessly. Through diligent evaluation, prototyping, iteration, and visualisation, we ensure that the conceptual design is well refined in all aspects to meet not only technical compliance requirements but also consumer aspirations.
A product concept is a detailed description of an idea, which you describe from the perspective of your customer.
Design thinking & insights
The insights we uncover from customer needs and way of life drives the creative generation of ideas that we undertake and develop into design concepts. In conceptual design, we envisage a wide spectrum of potential solutions, all aimed at delivering outstanding consumer experiences.
All communication correspondence is accessed from Snipeet portal by login
All data are owned and controlled by you. We maintain full Privacy
You set subscription prices you are comfortable with upfront, without the hassle of billing
Or you can Contact us to ask questions about service
Our Clients love Snipeet
With Snipeet Virtual consultation, you maintain control
Choose and Pin re-occurring consultation dates and time that are best for you
Stay Innovative
The most fulfilling thing about innovation is being able to actualize an idea into a successful concept. To do this, you need to go through a long and complex process. For you to succeed you must understand the process well and must have the support needed.

This is where Snipeet comes in. We help differentiates a successful innovation process by exploring the broad opportunities that are available to succeed with your idea. We study the customer need, market environment, competition, business strategy, and the eco-system consisting of partners and suppliers in the market for the idea.

Or you can Contact us to ask questions about service
We validate your best product ideas with concept testing
Identify which product or service offers the best market opportunities and which will squander valuable R&D efforts.

Understand concept effectiveness

Identify concept strengths or weaknesses

Align concept ideas with your brand
Understand what problems (or opportunities) your customers are facing
Validate designs with customers through usability tests, iterate designs based on a continuous feedback loop between product/design and the customers.
Test final solution with customers. Gather feedback for improvements
Roadmap /
Build it
Alpha /
Beta launch
New Product Concept Tests made Simple
Capture crucial insights about your idea concepts. Carefully plan the steps involved in testing your new product development (NPD) ideas. For every 10 new product ideas developed, 1 becomes successful.
Defining your new product concept, product modifications, migration paths, usability, pricing, and more with your market will help you determine whether your new product idea will be a success.
The concept development and testing stage of NPD can be time-intensive, but it will help you avoid unnecessary costs later by ensuring you pursue the best new product concept in your market. Early insights breed future product success.
Take the Guesswork out of Results
Know at a glance which ideas are winners with Snipeet data visualization. View concept results side-by-side and dive deep into the strengths and weaknesses of each idea to enhance strengths or address issues well ahead of market release.
Understand Your Financial Implications
Make sure your idea can be designed, Developed, or manufactured and delivered within your financial, resource and time constraints
Reveal Hidden Product Differentiators and Pitfalls
Snipeet Concept testers bring new perspectives to product evaluations, often shedding light on new opportunities or roadblocks.
Snipeet live feedback loop helps you get to the heart of key topics and sentiment to learn which changes are mission-critical and which are merely nice to have.
Identify key Features, Development & Delivery
Based on the information We have gathered from you to date plus the list of features and benefits of your proposed product from highest market importance to least. Snipeet will initiate a detailed development timeline of your product, transforming it from a concept to a manufacturable design.
Manufacture, Supply, & Marketing
To bring your design into a tangible finished product, we identify and engage the most suitable manufacturers for your product amongst our partners and network. Whether your goal is competitive production costs or environment-friendly production, we know the right suppliers. With our packaging design, brand identity design, and product photography partners, we will see you through the final step to get you ready to introduce your product to the market.
Pricing model
We are passionate about building products and making sure our clients succeed. We understand game changing ideas takes time to build, we designed Snipeet Subscription model to give starts ups equal opportunity. the opportunity to build without the constraints of human and financial resources.

An opportunity to build at their own pace and budget. they can choose to work on idea conceptualization, product development, marketing, or sales systems. we guide you through the process to make sure there is incremental progress with their project to avoid time and money wastage.
So affordable. So simple. So easy to use.
Bringing all your idea to life has never been this simple.
Define idea
Plan everything
Get off the ground
Onetime payment $590
10 consultation pack $5192
Our $295 weekly subscription model
Free consultation
We offer free 10 minutes consultation because we are confident on the value we bring to your idea or business as a specialized collective.
We are passionate about helping make your dreams come true. Have access to our team of experts every step of the way using our Snipeet subscription model.
We always start with a free consultation, where you’ll speak with our Business Analyst/Project Manager and other team members to discuss your idea in detail. We will provide advice, approximate pricing, and recommendations for the future.
Free Consultation
Snipeet is all about design thinking. Our UX/UI designers will guide you through all stages of the design process to get your concept to meet all technical and consumer aspects.
UX/UI Design
Snipeet will run one or more discovery sessions to hear your idea vision. Based on Snipeet expertise and research, Snipeet will guide you to conceptualize your idea and architect a plan to execute it.
Our Process recaps
We believe that an idea is more than just creating mobile applications or websites that look good. We translate your idea into a scalable technology solution following a proven process.
You’ll be able to watch the progress and offer real-time feedback to ensure the end product matches your expectations. The Snipeet development team will turn your idea into a digital product that you want.
Launch & Deployment
We will launch your product after we test it to make sure your application works perfectly on various devices.
Testing & Quality Assurance
Snipeet Test team will carry out testing of whole your product to be sure that everything is delivered as it should.
After the delivery of your product, we will build a personalized support services package based on your needs.
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